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Stories From Around the World

A collection of stories from around the world dealing with Shark Attacks, Wierd Fishing News and much much more.
British and FRENCH fishing boats 'kill 2,000 dolphins a year':

Aussies discover new dolphin species:,5936,15827998%255E8362,00.html



leatherback_turtle Dead leatherback turtle a long way from home:



Real sea monsters: Vicious giant squid take up residence along California's Monterey Bay:



Anthrax outbreak kills 180 Ugandan park hippos; 'We're telling people not to panic':




Activists: Protections Need for Hawaii's Vulnerable Manta Rays 'Mantas are an Enigma':




California Surfer Relives Horror of Shark Bite; It was Straight Out of Jaws



California Surfers Great White Shark Attack Recalled; She Disappeared



Cage-Diving Craze Raises Fears of Increase in Shark Attacks; Surfers Fear Visit by Men in Grey Suits :,13262,1653090,00.html?gusrc=rss


3rd Shark Attack in Three Weeks Along Florida Coast; Its the Law of Averages :



Surfing shark bites man off Florida beach; Sharks are out there all the time :


Great White shark tagged in South Africas False Bay; Well follow it for at least 24 hours :


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