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Stories From Around the World

A collection of stories from around the world dealing with Shark Attacks, Wierd Fishing News and much much more.


Giant Squid Washes Ashore In Tasmania

Red tide hurting attendance at "America's Best Beach"

First Live Giant Squid Photographed !

Research: Abandoned Fishing Nets Killing Large Numbers of Sharks, Fish in the Atlantic

Camera Captures Florescent Chain Catshark


Millions of dead fish washing up on local coast:

Scientists: Rivers in Italy flowing with cocaine:,,8122-1721874,00.html

Heavy fines likely as cargo ship remains stranded on Belize's Lighthouse Reef after two months:

The story behind 'The Perfect Storm'; 'I know he's out there, somewhere' :

New mission launched to visit most deadly shipwreck of WWII; 7,000 dead, 8 survived :

Japan sub part of Hawaii ocean 'junkyard' :

Secret Japanese Submarine unveiled; 'these are aircraft carrying submarines' :

Carnival Cruise Ship Damages Reef, Almost Runs Down Divers Off Cozumel:

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