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Monster Kids
Monster Kids FIshing Miami

Fishing is a sport that can involve the whole family. Teachings kids to fish can be an excellent bonding experience. A fishing adventure is a memorable trip that your child will never forget. It is a great family outing that can be enjoyed by all. Onboard Striker 1, kids will personally feel the thrill of deep sea fishing. They will learn fishing basics in a safe, fun environment. Imagine the thrill of watching them catch their first fish.

Looking for an unforgettable birthday party idea for your kids next birthday? Why not set up a kids fishing party. Kids fishing parties Miami are all the rage. It will be an unforgettable experience for all your guests. The kids fishing party gives the kids the opportunity to possibly see sea turtles, porpoises, dolphins, sharks & many different variety of fishes. Our fishing party packages are designed to accommodate small children. The kids will always feel safe while learning how to fish . The kids charter fishing groups uses the latest safety equipment and proper kids life jackets.

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Blanket Octopus Kids and Barracudas Sailfish
Rare Blanket Octopus Kids & Barracudas Mark, Mav & Sailfish Kids & Sailfish
Shark Mahi Mahi
2 Sailfish 3 Sailfish Smaller Sharks Available
Upon Request
Kids Catching Mahi Mahi
Jaws KINGFISH Hammerhead Tiger Shark
Maverick & Jaws Maverick & Kingfish Maverick & Big Hammer Maverick & Big Tiger Shark
Black Fin Tuna Mud Shark SailFish Giant Bass
Maverick and Black Fin Tuna Maverick & Mud Shark Sailfish Giant Bass
Hog Fish Lobster Hammerhead Shark
Hog Fish Maverick & Lobster Monster Hammerhead Kids & Monster Sharks
Snapper Porcupine Fish DEEP-WATER-ISOPOD Saw Fish Bill
Maverick & Monster Snapper Savanna & Porcupine Fish Rare Deep Water Isopod Maverick & Rare Sawfish Bill
Mako Jaws

Kids Fishing Party

Maverick with 1250 pound
Mako Shark Jaws
Maverick with 1,670 pound Great White Jaws Kids Fishing Party 10 Year Old Grant Danner
Kids Fishiing School Kids and Sailfish
9 year old Ray Martin 10 year old Ethan Gould 11 year old Paige Heckler Kids & Sailfish
Kids and Monster Fish Kids & Hammerhead Shark Hammerhead
5 year old Maverick Kids and Monster Fish Kids & Hammerhead Shark Mav & Hammerhead Shark
Kids & Sailfish Deep Water Golden Crab
Savy & Sailfish Maverick Kids & Sailfish Deep Water Golden Crab
Maverick-Cero Maverick-Shark    
Maverick & Cero Maverick & Shark    

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