Hammerhead Shark
 Class : Chondrichthyes
Order : Lamniformes
Family : Sphyrnidea
Species :  Sphyra sp.
Sphyra lewini - Scalloped Hammerhead
Sphyra zygaena - Smooth/Common Hammerhead
Sphyra mokarran - Great Hammerhead
Sphyra blochii - Broadhead
Sphyra couardi
Sphyra tiburo - Bonnethead
Sphyra media - Bonnethead
Sphyra corona - Bonnethead
Sphyra tudes - Bonnethead
Scalloped Hammerheads

Other common names: Mallet Shark, Great, Smooth, Common, Scalloped Hammerhead, Bonnethead

Maximum weight and length:

S. mokarran
550kg - 1200lb
6 meters - 20 feet
S. zygaena
200kg - 420lb
4 meters - 14 feet
S. lewini
200kg - 420lb
3 meters - 10 feet
S. blochii
S. couardi
S. tiburo
15kg - 32lb
2 meters - 7 feet
S. media
15kg - 32lb
2 meters - 7 feet
S. corona 
15kg - 32lb
2 meters - 7 feet
S. tudes
15kg - 32lb
2 meters - 7 feet

Current I.G.F.A. all tackle record:

S. mokarran
449.5 kg - 991 lb
Florida, USA
30 May, 1982
S. zygaena
148.1  kg - 326 lb 7 oz
Hawke Bay , New Zealand
24 February, 1994
S. tiburo
10.76 kg - 23 lb 11 oz
Georgia, USA
5 August, 1994
S. lewini
152.4 kg - 335 lb 15 oz
Latham Island, Tanzania
3 December, 1995

Identifying features: Upper body bronze or gray with a white lower body. Five short gill slits. Unique hammer shaped head. The S. blochii has head lopes that are swept back like the wings of a fighter jet.

One of the various types of Bonnetheads (tiburo)
Bonnethead (tudes)
 Scalloped Hammerhead

Expected temperature range: 64 F to 86 F (18 C to 30 C)

Migration:     COMING SOON!!!

A large school of female Scalloped Hammerheads
Breeding:     Hammerheads are viviparous, which means they give birth to live and fully formed young. They can give birth to 40 or more young at one time. MORE COMING SOON!!!

Typical location: S. mokarran - Open ocean along the continental shelf and current lines, ocean mountains and canyons. Around schools of bait such as ballyhoo, pilchards and squid. Will come close to shore if warm currents and bait are present.
S. zygaena - Inhabits shallow water along coastlines and will enter bays and estuaries.

Fighting characteristics: Great fighter on the right tackle. Fast surface runs with deep dives make this shark a tough opponent. Will roll on the leader.


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